The Things in My Studio

Works in progress and side projects that i am far too lazy to professionally document yet. That, and my thoughts on my studio practice. Feel free to visit my professional website, to see more of my work.

It was a year ago today that this little crackhead baby came to live with us. I wanted to have a party because I’m lame like that, but I had 3 separate events scheduled and then cancelled for today. So I guess it’ll just be the 2 of us to celebrate the fact that he is no longer a screaming mess of a dog, but rather a very sweet boy with a lot of people who love him.


Headpieces made from romance novels…let me know if there’s one you like.  I’ll put it in my etsy shop.  ?



More close ups. 

My hubby is a painting superstar.  That’s me in a crown on the bottom!

I will be spending this weekend doing one of my least favorite activities, updating my etsy shop.  These things are now available at my shop here