The Things in My Studio

Works in progress and side projects that i am far too lazy to professionally document yet. That, and my thoughts on my studio practice. Feel free to visit my professional website, to see more of my work.

This dress is named after Joseph Cornell’s obsession with ballerinas, but secretly in my head I always refer to it as the “Fa-Fa dress”, after Flight of the Conchords’ “Foux de fa fa”.

Renee, Star Ballerina. Romance novel dress. 2013.


Anonymous asked: since being on the news, have you sold anymore dresses? also, how do you feel about being recognized only for your dresses? does this bother you, or are you ok with it?

I have gotten some commissions/ cool projects thrown my way.  I don’t know- art’s a total bitch as a mistress.  It’s too unpredictable for anyone to base the worth of themselves or the work they create on what people like or what’s popular.  I try not to get too hung up on any of it and focus on why I got into it- because I love it.  I love the physical act of making something, of creating something that didn’t exist before.  I take whatever else comes my way as a cool bonus and I go along for the ride.  The publicity I’ve gotten this summer has been awesome and opened some doors.  But at the same time, I just keep my head down and keep working.  Can’t believe your own hype, lol.

All in the Things That Lie in the Awkward Spaces in Between. Acrylic and glitter on panel. 2014.


Some very informal shots of the dress I finished today.

Genevieve and the Impossibly Beautiful Day. Romance Novel Dress. 2014.


Anonymous asked: Can your dresses be worn, or are they purely for display?

They can be worn.  I don’t think it would be particularly comfortable though.